How I Spend My Weekend, Dinner, Nails And Hair

Once in a while, I will go all out for myself.  I will treat myself to a spa and get my manicure and pedicure done. Click to enroll 

Pedicure with hot towel massage
Hot towel massage

It was my first visit to this new salon and I was very pleased with the service. They did my feet very well. My friend recommends me and I’m happy she did. From now on this salon will be on my number one on my list.

White jell polish
Jell polish on my nails

I also get a white French manicure called the powder dip. I’m wearing my own nails for the first time in many years. I love the powder dip it’s my nails look very fresh and clean. And it’s lost longer than the regular nail polish.Click to enroll

My own nails powder dip french
Powder dip nails
Powder dip nails
Love my own nails

After getting my nails done I head to the hair salon. For my appointment on Friday at  3 pm. I did a sewing weave that overall cost me $200. I’m very well, please with all the service and I had done.

My new Brazilian hairstyle
Brazilian hair
My new look
Worth every penny

After getting my hair done I went shopping looking for a white and red outfit. To celebrate my valentines weekend and I do like white as well. Click to enroll

Fits perfectly
Trying on clothes to see if it fits
White is my favorite
Love the white outfit

I got the bottom and the top but I can’t find a red underneath blouse. And also looking to get a red shoe. I went to another store at Burlington coat factory and I found a nice red top.

Red and  white
Love the color coordinate
Shoe too big
Lovely shoe

The shoe was too big so I had to bring it back to get another one that fits. I went to a pretty woman store and I found my perfect size. I made a purchase along with a clutch red bag.

Went to eat at chowder pot
At chowder pot

I’m out having dinner at chowder pot restaurant. I had stuff lobster tail with baked potato and salad. The food was yummy and the bread was great. Click to enroll

Lobster tail
Stuff lobster tail
Ceasar salad at chowder pot
Caesar salad

The food is great and I order to take out as well. The meal all together cost me a whopping $175 plus tip. This is not something I do on a regular basis. But I work hard and I deserve to treat myself to something nice once in a while. Click to enroll

Doing Cheers at chowder pot
My daughter and I do cheer
Chowder pot stuff lobster
Double stuff lobster tail
Chowder pot butter bread
Chowder Pot bread
My tab at chowder pot
Very high tab

My weekend was awesome and very pricey but it worth it. I’m feeling and looking beautiful as I can be. If you total everything together I spend over $500 for just dinner hair and nails.  Click to enroll

Looking fabulous.
At chowder pot

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