A White Monday In Connecticut 

This Is How I Start My Day

Snow Monday

I woke up and look through my window and it was snowing. Not a good way to start my day. I feel like I just want to crawl back into bed. https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

Monday is not one of my favorites days and the snow just make it worse. It’s New England weather, where we can expect the unexpected. 

Snow in the woods

I wish I could just stay indoor today but I can’t it the first working day of the week. I have to get out there and clean the snow off my car to go about my business.

New England weather
Snowy day

I really like seeing the show on the ground but I hate cleaning it. I’m very grateful it was not a lot to be clean from my car. We are very lucky this year not much snow to deal with. https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

Out at the parking lot

Its a white Monday lets get to work and do what we do best, make this week a successful one. If you are traveling today drive safe and the road It very wet and slippery.  These are pictures of the parking lot looking from my window.

Snow day
White Monday

The snow looks so beautiful on the ground but I still can’t wait for spring to be here. My favorite season is spring I like to see the trees sprung up and the flowers blooming. Not to mention the bird’s chirping and the grass looking green.

Back of my yard

” Focus Is The Key To Success “

~Bill Gates~

I will enjoy the couple weeks I have left for winter in the meantime while it’s still here. I will stay focus working on my project to reach my goals, I really don’t let the little things bother me. https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

I want to wish everyone a productive and progressive week. Like and share my post thanks for reading.

Happy Money!😊


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