Why Having A Good Credit Is Important

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I never knew how important it is to have a good credit score, until the day I was in a car accident and my car got total. It was in the year of 2010 I was heading to work early morning Friday at 8:am. http:// https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

On my way to work

I had just dropped off my daughter to school I was driving on a slow school zone speed limit 25 mph, I was at a stop light waiting for the light to change from red to green. While I was waiting, I saw a car at a gas station waiting to turn on the main road. I knew once the light turns green, he must wait until all cars go by before he can come out. http:// https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

I was driving on the local road to hit the highway to work. That morning I didn’t make it work, instead, I end up in the hospital in an ambulance.

In a few minutes, the red light turns green and I drove off going straight, and the same car that was at the gas station waiting to get out pull right in front of me. I tried to swing away from him but instead, the car hit me on the passenger side of my car. I lost control of my car and hit a gate rail and an 8-story brick building. http:// https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

My airbag went off I was so nervous and shaking, I just drop my daughter off at school. If she was in that car, she would have gotten the most hurt are maybe got killed. The passenger side of the car got the most damage My car was a complete total loss. I was driving a Volvo and it takes all the hit for me, I come to realize a Volvo is the safest car.

At that time, I was working at a Nissan dealership selling cars, I call my manager to let them know I was in a car accident. So, I could still get paid and able to keep my job.

After recovery, I went back to work driving a rental car the insurance gave to me until the evaluate my car is completed. I started looking for a new car because I know I only have 30 days for the rental. http:// https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

Trying to get a new car

I went to my financial manager at work to see if I could get qualified for a preowned car. I fill out the credit application and gave it to him to check my credit. I was so embarrassed by my low credit score, he told me sorry they can not get me to approve of any of their pre-owned cars. He referred me to go to a buy here pay here dealership.

That’s the time I realize having a good credit score is very important to obtain a better interest rate etc. I wish I could get one of those Nissan Maxima, I could not my score was too low. I did get approved for a Nissan maxima but an older version with a 19% interested rate. I paid double more than what the car worth. http:// https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ

I learn the hard way

In life, we all pay to learn, and I learn the hard way, now my goal is to build and establish a good credit score. I want to be able to get a low-interest rate or 0% financing. That’s the reason why I build this business to tell my story and show others how to raise their credit score.

Subscribe to my course and I http:// https://coursecraft.net/users/ceVJ will show you ways to improve your credite score in less than 6 months. Like what you read share to friends on you social media platform. Subscribe to my page to get the latest post.

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