Why Having A Good Credit Is Important

I never knew how important it is to have a good credit score, until the day I was in a car accident and my car got total. It was in the year of 2010 I was heading to work early morning Friday at 8:am. http:// On my way to work I had just dropped … Continue reading Why Having A Good Credit Is Important

A White Monday In Connecticut

This Is How I Start My Day Snow Monday I woke up and look through my window and it was snowing. Not a good way to start my day. I feel like I just want to crawl back into bed. Monday is not one of my favorites days and the snow just make it worse. … Continue reading A White Monday In Connecticut

How I Spend My Weekend, Dinner, Nails And Hair

Once in a while, I will go all out for myself.  I will treat myself to a spa and get my manicure and pedicure done. Click to enroll  Hot towel massage It was my first visit to this new salon and I was very pleased with the service. They did my feet very well. My friend … Continue reading How I Spend My Weekend, Dinner, Nails And Hair

Website Introduction

We help people increase their credit score Are you having trouble with your credit score? I sure did, until I found the secret that got me from 400 to 630 and counting. But I can't keep this secret to myself! I want to share this with you because YOU deserve growth and to be … Continue reading Website Introduction

How I Did It

It's not simple and it's not easy to achieve the  things we like in life. Hard work and perseverance is the key to success. With everything in life require us to set goals. It doesn't matter what you are looking to achieve. When you set a goal for yourself you know every day you have … Continue reading How I Did It

Bad Credit No Worries

What we offer is a quick and simple step of how you can increase your credit score. With my package that I'm putting together that will be available soon. It will teach you the simple 10 steps, I used to increase my credit score from 400-627. If you have bad credit that is avoiding you … Continue reading Bad Credit No Worries

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